‘Masterchef’: Helena Rizzo is embarrassed after winning a chef’s ‘key’ for the new season

The next season of “Masterchef Brasil” premieres on May 17, at 10:30 pm, and already promises, at least, unusual moments (+ check photos and details about the participants of the 9th edition!). The target of one of these occasions was the juror Helena Rizzo. The information is from columnist Gabriel Perline, from iG.

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According to the publication, Renato, a 33-year-old sanitation agent, was presenting the first course, when he decided to praise Helena. “You are much prettier in person,” said the candidate.. The scene should air in the premiere episode.

According to the columnist, Helena was slightly embarrassed, but smiled and thanked her for the courtship.. However, he remained firm when evaluating the dish presented by Renato.

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Elected the best cook in the world twice by “Restaurant” magazine, Helena Rizzo built this legacy with a calm attitude in her restaurants – and it is this same behavior that she seeks to replicate as a judge on “Masterchef”.

I’m not a scolding person. I don’t like that tone and my kitchens don’t work like that. If you’re going to criticize, it’s better to try to build something out of it.. Of course it depends a lot on the people too. Every action has a reaction and vice versa, but I think empathy is key. Knowing that there is a story behind it and an intention, after all, no one is perfect. People make mistakes and they get it right, they have their weaknesses, just like me and everyone else. So that deeper look is very important,” Rizzo said.

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