‘MasterChef’ changes season from 2022 after Faustão’s move to the Band, reveals Fogaça

“MasterChef Brasil” has open enrollment for the next season right after the top 5 of the 2021 edition of the program. Henrique Fogaça has already given spoilers about what’s next and revealed that the attraction will have unprecedented change and will be shown daily, after Faustão’s new show on Band.

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“It will be daily. Every day will pass, like a soap opera, with an hour’s duration”, said the “MasterChef” judge to the podcast PodPah, this Tuesday (23). “With the arrival of Faustão, who will be on the air every day, so will we. Once Faustão is over, the ‘MasterChef’ is in,” explained Fogaça.

There was a good change in the band, we will start recording in April. It’s going to be four months of recording. And I can only be grateful for that, I am very grateful for the opportunities I have in life”, declared the chef, who was away from the program after a fall, in the interview.

Registration for ‘MasterChef 2022’, which will be held daily, is now open

While the new season will be full of news regarding the format, as it will, for the first time, be aired every day, instead of weekly episodes as it was before, the prerequisites to apply remain.

Amateur cooks who are interested in the next season must be over 18 years old, have not provided professional culinary services before, in addition to not having studied Gastronomy or studying the area in a Higher Education institution.

They will be able to apply by filling out a form on the Band’s website. Recording starts in April, at Studios Vera Cruz, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).

Apparently, Helena Rizzo, whose debut was approved by fans, is on the judging team with Fogaça and Erick Jacquin. In addition, Ana Paula Padrão, who praised her trajectory in the program after a recent controversy, continues in the presentation.

Among the amateur winners of past editions are: Elisa Fernandes, Izabel Alvares, Leonardo Young, Michele Crispim, Maria Antonia Russi, Rodrigo Massoni and Anna Paula Flaquer Nico.

‘Faustão na Band’ will be in prime time and has already recorded a pilot

“MasterChef Brasil 2022” comes after “Faustão na Band”, the name of Fausto Silva’s new program, after migrating to the Morumbi radio station.

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Although they have not released the official time of the attraction of the new presenter, it is known that Faustão enters prime time, after Datena’s program, until the journalist leaves to run for politics, and Jornal da Band, between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm.

In addition to having already graduated from his ballet, Faustão recorded the pilot episode of the program on November 15th. Now, the necessary adjustments will be made until the debut, scheduled for January 4th.

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