“MasterChef Celebrity 6”: the finalists, the eliminated and the retirement of Verónica Forqué

Finally the chefs who will be in the grand finale of “MasterChef Celebrity 6″ Of next Monday, November 29. In an edition full of emotions, the semifinal was marked by the retirement of the award-winning actress Verónica Forqué, who weeks before had decided not to participate in the final stretch of the gastronomic talent show and who, despite this, the judges decided to save her.

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Thus, the sixth edition of MasterChef Celebrity aired its semifinal on La 1 on the night of Monday, November 22. In it, the applicants not only had to say goodbye to Verónica Forqué, but they also did so with Carmina Barrios, the most beloved participant of the program.

During the program, the jury had prepared a big surprise for the applicants, who made a plate of offal in 75 minutes using ingredients that were appearing on a conveyor belt. Of course, they only had one chance to catch them. Also, for that special night, the prepared dishes had to be tasted by their friends. From Antonio Carmona and Pitingo, to Berta Collado, Gemma Mengual, José Ramón de la Morena, Felisuco and Vicente Amigo, among others, they appeared on the program to taste the dishes and rate them.

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Verónica Forqué returned to the program to announce her retirement from competition in the final stretch (Photo: La 1)


“MasterChef Celebrity 6” already has its four finalists who will compete to get the coveted award:

  • David bustamante
  • Bethlehem Lopez
  • Miki Nadal
  • Juanma Castaño
The four finalists of the sixth edition of MasterChef Celebrity (Photo: La 1)
The four finalists of the sixth edition of MasterChef Celebrity (Photo: La 1)


Carmina Barrios’ tiredness has prevented her from reaching the final, although getting to where she has come has been a gift for her teammates and the jury.

Belén, Bustamante and Carmina had to earn their passport to the final in a test of difficulty and precision: with high confectionery and without margin of error.

Carmina did not make an exact reproduction, but they applauded her “Attitude, his claw and his fight until the last moment” with some words that moved everyone. After the deliberation of the judges, Pepe Rodríguez declared: “The applicant who does not continue in the kitchens is Carmina”.

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Bustamante and Carmina know who will no longer continue in the program (Photo: La 1)
Bustamante and Carmina know who will no longer continue in the program (Photo: La 1)


In the final stretch of “Masterchef Celebrity 6″, Verónica Forqué’s decision not to be present caught the attention of the entire audience, including the judges themselves and participants of the gastronomic talent show. The actress decided to step aside, but this would be known during the broadcast of the semifinal.

In the middle of the program, Forqué made his appearance and communicated his decision to permanently withdraw from the program: she is very tired and the time has come to prioritize her mental health, she revealed.

“The truth, I am regular. I need to rest. In the last team cooking test I was exhausted. I’m not throwing in the towel, Pepe Chef. But this time you have to be humble and say ‘I can’t take it anymore’, I throw the apron a little, but for a while “, featured in the semifinal program. “Because later during the final when we are there clapping I won’t have to wear it. Yes, Pepe, I can’t take it anymore. I love you very much. You have to be consistent and I try to be. And humble. And if I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore. My body and the universe were telling me ‘you have to stop’ “, he pointed out.


Monday, November 29 we will know who stands with the briefcase of the winner of “Masterchef Celebrity 6”.


Juanma Castaño lived a round semifinal, since the Asturian began the program triumphing in the first test. In it, the applicants had to prepare dishes while choosing ingredients that were coming out in different rounds on a conveyor belt. If not collected, they were discarded and could not be recovered. In addition, there were advantages and disadvantages that they picked up at random from the tape, as well as cooking techniques that they were forced to include in their recipes.

For the outdoor test, the team moved to the DiverXO restaurant, where Castaño triumphed again, also favored by the privilege of forming a team with Barrios and Nadal, while López and Bustamante, their rivals, were completely outmatched in the preparation. of a menu with haute cuisine dishes.

After the test, the Asturian candidate became the first finalist of the edition, followed by his partner Miki Nadal. However, being an individual assessment, it left Carmina Barrios out despite being part of the same team, so both the actress and David Bustamante and Belén López took the dreaded black apron.

To defend their permanence in the contest, the three applicants had to replicate a complicated creation, which led Barrios and Bustamante to make mistakes in the order of the elaborations. On the contrary, López managed to stand out with success, which is why she became the third finalist of the edition.

David Bustamante obtained the last pass to the final after suffering in the evaluations due to the criticism of the judges. For her part, Carmina Barrios was eliminated for not having presented all the elaborations.

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Verónica Forqué appears in the semifinal to announce her retirement.  Her colleagues welcome her with open arms (Photo: La 1)
Verónica Forqué appears in the semifinal to announce her retirement. Her colleagues welcome her with open arms (Photo: La 1)

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