"MasterChef Celebrity 3": Two former participants fought and told each other everything

On ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ they are inviting old contestants to help out new celebrities who are in competition. Monday, November 15 was the first elimination gala and as a special participation was Analía Franchin. The idea was for the runner-up to help the contestants to prepare Milanese.

Finally, José Luis Gioia did not end up convincing the jury and was the first eliminated. Given this, the capocómico went to “Team Flower” and there he had an altercation with his colleague, who called him “superb.” Then I would reply in “Just in case”, a radio show.

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The actor came out to speak since he did not like the comment made by the former participant of “MasterChef Celebrity” and said: “I am very tired and I am not from watching tutorials and the one who is very studious is Titi Fernández. ‘You’re superb’, the Franchín threw me, the one who taught us how to make milanesa. There are people who would kill to be on that show, but not me “.

And I add: “You have to be very careful with what you say to your colleagues, pride does not happen because you do not study for Masterchef, I should have answered ‘if I am proud I would not be sitting next to you’ “.

José Luis Gioia at the elimination gala of '<a href =MasterChef Celebrity 3 ‘. “Data-height =” 333 “data-size =” w: 500, h: 333 “data-width =” 500 “hspace =” 5 “src =” https://www.diarioshow.com /export/sites/cronica/img/2021/11/17/josx_luis_gioia_en_la_gala_de_eliminacixn.jpg_736776827.jpg “title =” José Luis Gioia at the elimination gala of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 3’. “vspace =” 5 “>
José Luis Gioia at the “MasterChef Celebrity 3” elimination gala.

Putting the discussion aside, gave his point of view of who he thinks will be the participants who can go far in the competition and said: “A Luisa Albinoni I have a lot of faith, now Thomas Fonzi too. To Pete Pareto I see her well and she is very willing to learn “.

Watch the video of José Luis Giogia arguing with Analía Franchín for “MasterChef Celebrity 3”!

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