"MasterChef Celebrity 3": Tigresa Acuña accused Mery del Cerro and Catherine Fulop of crying for benefits

Tension in ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ it is getting bigger and bigger, especially with the advancement of the episodes in the competition. One of the most complicated programs happens on Thursdays, as the worst of the week try to get the only ticket that avoids the elimination gala on Sundays. La Tigresa Acuña could not stand out and had a spicy exchange with the jurors.

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Although the average level was not positive, taking into account the returns of the jury, the boxer did not obtain the evaluation that she expected from her preparation. As if that were not enough, one of the peculiarities of the day is that they had to exchange their ingredients with a random partner and this added difficulty.

During his return, he mentioned that with German Martitegui have a love-hate relationship but the evening of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” showed that there was no good humor in the study. “Didn’t you like it at all?”, the athlete consulted the judge in confusion and obtained a resounding no, so it did not end there. “He never likes anything so it’s no surprise to me”, launched looking at Santiago del Moro.

Before the sincere criticism of Martitegui, he tried to explain his sayings but went thoroughly against his companions. I try to turn it around and laugh a little because otherwise I cry. I don’t do it but the girls who do it have done very wellhe commented. Given the driver’s clarification that it was due to his performance in the kitchen, the Tigress Acuna He replied: “I don’t know. I don’t see them here. Mery del Cerro, Catherine Fulop, they always cry and I didn’t see them here“.

This could generate a strong internal within ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ that maintained a great harmony since it began. Even the boxer had a little crossover with Joaquin Levinton by accusing him of speaking ill of the rest of the dishes.

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