"MasterChef Celebrity 3": the unusual reaction of Paulo Kablan’s wife to the journalist’s cry

Paulo kablan does not go unnoticed in ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ for its authentic style, beyond its preparations. Like the rest of his teammates present, he had to go through Thursday’s broadcast to avoid his pass to the elimination gala.

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Luckily for him, it was a very emotional night for each of the celebrities who had to say present. A relative for each famous person came to the recordings and was part of the tasting, for which there were tears in several of them. Nevertheless, the journalist took the prize in terms of crying.

Kablan enjoyed the visit of Edith Garibotti, his wife and the mother of his children. As soon as he entered the study a second time, the panelist from “Team Flower” could not contain the emotion and was highlighted by Santiago del Moro. “I get excited. I cry of happiness, he expressed in front of the cameras but did not end there.

At the driver’s request, he went up to the balcony to greet his partner. After a kiss and a heartfelt hug, the tears increasingly had more prominence on the face of the participant of “MasterChef Celebrity 3”. “There should not be a police journalist more crybaby than me in the world”he commented as he descended the stairs.

What was surprising, however, was Garibotti’s amused reaction. “It was like a lot, wasn’t it?”, He consulted about what happened in the reality recording. The truth is that the family is a key part of the journalist’s life, even in the connection with the kitchen before entering the competition.

During one of the previous programs, Kablan wept when remembering his son Facundo, who is a chef. The young man woke up many days at dawn to explain cooking things to him, for which he felt very grateful to him.

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