"MasterChef Celebrity 3": the unexpected announcement at the repechage gala that changed the fate of the participants

After being eliminated in the previous galas, Gastón Soffritti, La Tigresa Acuña, El Negro Enrique, Juariu, Denise Dumas, Charlotte Caniggia Y Tití Fernández had the opportunity to compete again in the kitchens of “ MasterChef Celebrity 3“to return to the most popular pageant on the small screen.

Both the participants and the spectators knew that it would be only one who would return in the repechage gala, but nevertheless, Santiago del Moro announced a surprising news that shocked everyone.

It will not be one, but tonight there are two places“, announced the driver in front of the contestants and the juries Germán Martitegui, Donato de Santis Y Damien Betular.

To the surprise and joy of the figures, he added in his statement: “The two best dishes of the night will have the possibility of returning to the best kitchens“.

After his words, the participants had to make a sweet preparation in 70 minutes: a Caribbean cake. Which two contestants returned to “MasterChef Celebrity 3”?

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