"MasterChef Celebrity 3": rain of memes for the return of Malena Guinzburg to the program

” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ had great emotions since the season began. One of them was the announcement of Mica Viciconte, who mentioned in the program that she is expecting her first child with Fabian Cubero, something that excited his teammates. As estimated, he began to be absent from the recordings and the production looked for a replacement that was Malena Guinzburg.

Although the program team explained that the presence of the comedian is only temporary, caused great reaction on social media for his phrases during Tuesday’s broadcast. The former participant of “Combate” set the bar very high, so she had a complicated task ahead of her that the jurors did not forgive.

Beyond the comments of the judges, Twitter turned in his favor and there were many memes around his performance. Laughs a fight with Damián Betular that promises for the next chapters and a discomfort for a comment from Santiago del Moro were some of the moments that triggered the originality of the users.

“Malena pretending to cry, it’s the best”wrote @Deniseyal with a photo of Pachu Peña in “Uncoded”. As you cannot miss on these occasions, the face of Darius Barassi was present when the host remembered the father of the comedian: “Malena when Santiago Del Moro was talking to her about her father”.

It is clear that Guinzburg’s arrival produced a good effect, although it is hard to believe that his performance is up to the task. The jury sent her to the program on Thursday to try to save herself from the elimination gala since her preparation had many flaws both in the development and in the final flavor.

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