"MasterChef Celebrity 3" marked a worrying rating: the reasons

The second week of ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ it had several modifications with the usual format of the competition. Following the 2021 Elections, Telefe chose to pass the elimination gala from Sunday to Monday, so the activity officially began on Tuesday. However, they encountered a problem when starting the broadcast when sharing the schedule with a very important event.

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While the episode of the reality show that leads Santiago del Moro, the Argentina Selection he was playing the second half of the match against Brazil. The nations classic held viewers captive, so the gap in rating measurements was notable at the start of the show. The good present of the team of Lionel Messi it also played against him, so the numbers were alarming for the successful cycle.

Unlike what usually happens, the chapter of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” went to the extensive publicity cut before introducing the participants. This caused about ten minutes to pass while the aforementioned soccer game was going on. Upon returning, there was a big gap since Public Television scored 21.6 against 5.6 of the kitchen reality show, according to what the Twitter account Real Time Rating reported.

Although the number of Telefe began to increase, it remained very far from the commitment of the Selection when they shared a schedule. Just ten minutes later, around 10:10 p.m., the competition jumped to 6.8 and consolidated its growth that materialized when the game ended. At 22:34, they had already exceeded 10 rating points, which marked a new rise.

Beyond the numbers ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ They started very far from what was expected, the context meant that there was not so much concern. Despite the setback on Tuesday, last week it was the most watched on Argentine television and showed that the ball signal continues with the success of its competitions.

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