"Masterchef Celebrity 3": Joaquín Levinton stood out again with a particular name for a dish

Joaquin Levinton is already shaping up to be one of the funniest participants of the new season of Masterchef Celebrity 3. With your humor and grace, the turf singer he is finding his place in the competition to make both the public and the jury laugh, with his comical occurrences.

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Although the musician expressed before the contest that his performance in the kitchen is not the best, what caught our attention is his great talent and creativity when it comes to naming the dishes he makes. During the second program, the rocker prepared a baked fish with cauliflower and potato, which he presented as “A little fish in filet.” When German Martitegui, jury of the program, Asked if he had a name, Levinton said: “The fish? Yes, Raúl”, and caused everyone to laugh.

In the Indian-themed challenge, the rocker cooked chicken curry and his nickname became a trend on social media. “Don’t you think you could have been a little more moisturized? And the rice? What rice did you use? ”, Martitegui consulted him, to which the rocker replied: “Yes, but I didn’t know how to do that. And the rice, I used the one that was there, I don’t remember ”. Then he exclaimed: “Arrozmith” and “Ramazzotti rice”, in reference to the band Aerosmith and the singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti.

On Tuesday’s broadcast, the honoree was the jury Donato de Santis. The challenge of the night was to go to the extreme market and choose whatever food they wanted to cook, so the interpreter made a pork with mashed sweet potato and asparagus, which he baptized: “Cutlets to the sweet potato of Santis”. The Italian chef called the dish “very predictable”, but was happy and appreciated the compliment anyway.

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