"MasterChef Celebrity 3": Joaquín Levinton made a particular song dedicated to the program

” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ it already has its main candidates, at least the ones most loved by the public. Within that category, the name that appears the most in social networks is Joaquin Levinton. The Turf Singer He does not go unnoticed in the competition and he is the most witty in front of the juries.

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So far, the artist he always had an ace up his sleeve during the return that the judges made of their preparations. However, this time he changed and was encouraged to headline a very particular opening on Thursday night’s broadcast. The musician appeared with a guitar hanging from his body but did not end there, as he was expected to use it.

Only Santiago del Moro greeted viewers and introduced the participants of the evening, celebrities appeared. Levinton was in the lead with his instrument, so took the opportunity to interpret one of his hits, although with a clear modification in reference to the Telefe program.

With Thomas Fonzi and Gastón Ceilingsthey sang “I don’t want to get married, do you?” in front of the jurors and the driver. The group of participants intoned: “I don’t have time to make an ideal baked chicken, how boring it must be to be a jury in MasterChef with what I feed them, whatever we do we hope they like it “. Given this, Damien Betular He couldn’t contain his laughter at the occurrence they had.

The Turf singer’s hilarious appearance proved that he is one of the viewers’ favorites. He already had other phrases that will be remembered, although he hopes to also stand out with his preparations in the recording studio kitchens.

Check out Joaquin Levinton’s song on “MasterChef Celebrity 3”!

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