"MasterChef Celebrity 3": a participant accused her colleagues of being envious

Since the members of ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″, some names generated interest in viewers for their profile. One of them was Charlotte Caniggia, who brought his style to the kitchens of Telefe, although it does not always play in his favor in his preparations.

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During Wednesday’s broadcast, the best celebrities from the first two days of the week appeared. The daughter of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia It was one of them who demonstrated her experience in what is related to Italy. The test of the day was focused on the European country where he was born Donato de Santis, one of the jurors.

At the beginning, the participants had to undergo a complex challenge. In a few minutes, they had to make as big a pasta dough as possible. To the surprise of some, Charlotte Caniggia she was the best at the start of the program and had some benefits for it.

The main judge of the day was in charge of weighing the preparations and the influencer had a great mark. “Obviously mine is bigger, everyone is watching it and they are very envioushe commented in front of the cameras with his classic sincerity. Seconds later Donato announced: “3,590kg”. This achievement made him win the initial test.

The sister of Alex Caniggia begins to surprise the jurors with his preparations. From youngest to oldest, it is evident that he shows a better face since he started ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ and some even dare to run for her to win the competition.

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