"MasterChef Celebrity 3": a new entrant with coronavirus forced production to make a drastic decision

in ” MasterChef Celebrity 3″, As it is beginning its defining stage, the new wave of coronavirus that is still holding humanity in suspense continues to rage. A few days ago it was known that Joaquin Levinton Y Denise Dumas they tested positive for the contagious disease. Now a new case has been added and the production made a drastic decision.

With the cases many were alerted by the continuation of the filming of “MasterChef Celebrity 3”, but Lío Pecoraro, host of “The Run Run of the show”, who gave the scoop at the time, assured that the recordings would not be canceled and that they would look for replacements.

Just this week it was issued the repechage round to find out which participant would return to the kitchens, so speculation is the order of the day. Is that, if a change is known by covid, the surprise could be ruined.

But on Sunday, just on the eve of the broadcast of a new elimination gala, Pecoraro again reported a third positive case. “Another case of COVID in MasterChef Celebrity 3: Mery Del Cerro”, the journalist began saying.

“Tomorrow’s recording, already scheduled, is suspended. Prompt recovery and take care of yourself”, concluded with the information on Twitter.

In this way, it seems that the recordings will be delayed for several days, and perhaps the production decides to wait to see if it can cut the chain of infections and take other measures to generate a health bubble.

More details on the subject in “The Run Run of the Show” on Sunday.

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