Masterchef 2022: when it premieres, what time and who are the 16 amateur participants

“MasterChef Brasil” is back! The 9th season of the reality premieres on May 17 and airs every Tuesday at 10:30 pm on Band. In another edition with amateur cooks, the program will have 17 episodes under the command of Ana Paula Padrão and with the same team of judges that shone last season: Henrique Fogaça, Erick Jacquin and Helena Rizzo.

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The program promises to maintain the traditional dynamic, with mystery boxes, exotic ingredients, daring recipes and the return of proofs such as “MasterChef Auction” and “Wall Challenge”.

The winner of the 9th season of “MasterChef” earns BRL 300,000several prizes from sponsors and the disputed competition trophy, which will be completely redesigned in this new edition.

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Veteran and present since the first season of “MasterChef”, Eric Jacquin seeks innovation from the competitors of the ninth season. “I’m fed up with seeing rice every day. I’m not here to show Brazil what rice is, everyone already knows that. I want to eat well, with innovation, creativity, but at the same time with great simplicity“, he defined.

Henrique Fogaça, another veteran of the judging panel, wants to maintain the essence for which he is already known for evaluating competitors. “I’m very truthful in my assessments, so the public can expect the same Fogaça, but with the ruler a little highersince with each passing year we need to evolve and charge a little more”, he explained.

Helena Rizzo, who debuted in the role in 2021, guarantees that she is not a person who scolds. “I don’t like that tone and my kitchens don’t work like that. If you’re going to criticize, it’s better to try to build something out of it.. Of course it depends a lot on the people too. Every action has a reaction and vice versa, but I think empathy is key,” he summarized.


The “MasterChef” trophy will be disputed by 16 participants from different places in Brazil and with the most varied life stories. Next, you can find out a little more about the competitors’ lives. Access the gallery to get to know the faces of these amateur cooks right now!

Adílio is 29 years old, is a missionary and has awakened a passion for cooking thanks to his mother and aunts, who had a restaurant. The dentist Bruno is 34 years old and decided to take gastronomy seriously after recovering from lymphoma. At 41 years old, Daniel He is a salesman and started cooking as a child to help his sick mother. Edileide42, is a housewife who learned cooking from her mother and grandmother.

Fernanda, 29, is a civil engineer, who uses the kitchen as a strategy to bring people together. Seller of erotic products, Fernando36 years old, promises to stand out with the confectionery. Genesca40 years old, is a beautician and wants to use “MasterChef” to invest in his passion and start a new life story. Jasonalso 40, started taking cooking more seriously after the birth of her first daughter.

Larissa24 years old, is a veterinary doctor, but wants to turn her hobby of cooking into a profession with “MasterChef”. lays, 29, runs a design company and wants to win over the judges with tricks. Another casting veterinarian is mario33 years old, who has been interested in gastronomy since childhood. Melina29 years old, is a student of letters and has the kitchen as his favorite art.

mitiko38 years old, started cooking at a young age to help feed her sister. paraskevi51 years old, is from Greece and wants to use spices with flavors from his homeland to win over the judges. Rafael, 23, is a two-time state tournament champion and defines himself as a chaotic and capricious person. Finally, Renato33 years old, is a sanitation agent and started cooking watching his grandmother.

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