‘MasterChef 2021’ home straight! Band opens submissions for next season after top 5

In “MasterChef Brasil 2021”, Heitor was the most recent eliminated, leaving Eduardo, Daphne, competition favorites, Isabella Scherer, with its biggest looks for the public, in addition to Kelyn e Tiago no top 5 of the program and a step closer to winning the long-awaited MasterChef trophy, in addition to the R$300 thousand prize.

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Of the total of 23 participants, whose dishes passed through the scrutiny of the judges, Erick Jacquin, Helena Rizzo and Henrique Fogaça, led by Ana Paula Padrão, only five are still in the dispute this Wednesday (24).

About that, Band is already opening enrollment for next year’s program, which will have news to be shown daily after Faustão’s new program, in its debut on the network.

Registration for the next season of ‘MasterChef’ is now open

This Wednesday (24), the Band released a press release announcing the opening of entries for the 2022 season. recordings set to start in April 2022, the selection process for amateur cooks has already started at the station, as well as for “BBB” on Globo.

Those interested in participating in the culinary reality show must register on the Band’s website, filling out a registration form. To compete for a spot in the attraction, participants must be over 18 years of age and may not have provided professional services as cooks..

In addition, the station will not accept applications from people who already have a degree in Gastronomy or who are students in the area.

How was the elimination of Hector in ‘MasterChef 2021’?

To reach the top 5, the program this Tuesday (23) left the audience with their hearts in their hands. The champion of the program’s sixth episode of the 2020 season and owner of the jargon that conquered the web – ‘Little Heitor is how?’ – ended up eliminated.

Hector delivered a raw dough, with excess acidity and no seasoning, according to the judges. Still, the systems analyst revealed on the show that he will not give up on his dream of becoming a chef.

“Everything I do is calculated. If I choose to work in the kitchen, I want to study, do an internship. I go without any vanity… I know that, in the beginning, the task is to chop onions, peel potatoes and do the simplest of services” , evaluated.

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Tiago he also made one of the worst dishes, whose main ingredient was sea bass, a fish prepared by Jacquin in the demonstration of the second test that delighted the participants, but managed to save himself and was in the top 5 with Kelyn and Eduardo, who had already won the first test in pairs, Isabella e Daphne.

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