Masterchef 2021, Cannavacciuolo “calls to order” the competitors with his famous slaps: “Is everything clear?”

Federico and Nicky Brian made friends right away a MasterChef Italy. In yesterday’s Invention Test (on Sky and streaming on NOW, always available on demand), the two also experienced the same fate together, resulting in the authors of the two worst dishes: for this reason they were penalized during the subsequent Skill Test , not entering the challenge in the first of the three steps but having to wait one for the second and the other for the third level. While waiting to be able to return to the stove and to deserve their place in the Masterclass, the two looked at their colleagues from an angle, showing themselves in some moments anything but nervous: these attitudes did not escape Cannavacciuolo, who has thought it well to call them to order (and to give them one of his famous pats).

Images courtesy of Sky

MasterChef Italy is every Thursday at 9.15 pm on Sky and streaming on NOW, always available on demand

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