Massive recruitment of 600 fixed-term positions at Renault Maubeuge, 20 minutes from Mons: here’s how to apply

It’s not every day that the industrial sector can deliver good news. The MCA plant, rather “Renault Electricity” as it should now be called, is an exception.

Renault needs arms. The diamond brand is launching an ambitious recruitment of 600 employees.

“Many customers are waiting for the new versions of the new Kangoo this summer”: the boss of the company reacts

What profile? What positions? What contracts? Our explanations

You are interested ? Here’s how to apply

To complete its transition, Renault Electricity should hire 700 people by 2024, including 350 in the Sambrian production unit. There will not be a CDI for everyone, but the CDD experience offers the possibility of validating a diploma at the end.

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