Massacre of Piazza della Loggia, the request for revision accepted. New trial for Maurizio Tramonte

On 21 June 2017, the Supreme Court confirmed life imprisonment for the defendants for the massacre of Piazza della Loggia in Brescia, on 28 May 1974. On that day, a bomb interrupted an anti-fascist rally and caused eight deaths and over a hundred injured. The Supreme Court had sanctioned the fine sentence never for Carlo Maria Maggihead of the neo-fascist group New Order in the Triveneto, e Maurizio Tramonte, a young militant from Padua and former informant of the secret services. Today the Brescia court of appeal accepted the request for review of the trial presented by the defense of Tramonte. There will then be a new trial, the sixth. On July 8, the judges will listen to the statements of the 70-year-old’s sister and wife on the fact that, unlike what was reported by the anthropometric consultancy that gave him in Piazza Loggia that morning, he wore a beard and therefore, as claimed by the defense, he was not in the square on the day of the explosion.

“On the morning of May 28, 1974 I was not in piazza della Loggia in Brescia. I was innocently convicted of the Piazza Loggia massacre, a criminal and cowardly offense. And I am neither criminal nor coward ”he had read during the trial and repeated it today in the hearing in which he asked for a review of the trial. Tramonte, 70, spoke today, in connection with Fossombrone prison and attacked two witnesses in the trial, Vincenzo Arrigo And Domenico Gherardini. The first said that he had received his confession from Tramonte about his presence in Piazza della Loggia. The second, which Tramonte told him that he had been on a motorcycle, with a Ducati Scrambler actually owned in that period by the convict, at the meeting of Abano Terme in which the attack was decided. “I have never talked to them about piazza della Loggia – declared Tramonte -. They are two ignorant and envious people. It is not their fault, it is their nature. They wanted to build on me a character that does not exist – he then concluded referring to the prosecutors of the Brescia investigation -. Indeed it exists only in their heads ”.

“Arrigo reported to this court – reads the motivation of the Milan Court of Appeal of 22 July 2015 – that Tramonte had shown him a photo in which people were pictured, asking him if he recognized him. Faced with his hesitation, the accused had indicated one of the subjects portrayed, stating that it was himself and that “that morning” he was actually in Piazza Loggia “. A revelation that turned out to be decisive for Tramonte’s conviction: “Arrigo – wrote the Court – does not limit himself to reporting an externalization by Tramonte on his presence in Piazza della Loggia, but it gives substance to it, indicating, among the many submitted to his examination, a photo certainly reproducing the scene of the massacre, in which he identifies the subject in which the accused had recognized himself “. “We respect the decisions and we will prepare for the hearing on July 8th. I do not accept that the defense of Tramonte says that the civil parties have always sought a culprit. This is not true, as I do not comment on the vulgarity that Tramonte pronounced in court ”, commented Manlio Milanipresident of the Casa della Memoria in Brescia and husband of Livia Bottardi, one of the eight victims of the Piazza Loggia massacre.

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