Massacre of Bologna, in the trial of the principals the Court calls ten new witnesses. Vinciguerra and Picciafuoco too, already heard

The decision came unexpectedly, almost a small twist Court of Assizes of Bologna who is celebrating the trial of the principals of the massacre of 2 August to listen to new witnesses including two texts already heard, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, former member of the New Order passed to the National Avant-garde, e Sergio Picciafuoco, neo-fascist who will also be subjected to a confrontation in the classroom with Bellini.

The other witnesses summoned are Paolo Bolognesi, president of the association of the families of the victims of the massacre, four journalists who are experts in the case, namely Roberto Scardova, Antonella Beccari, Giorgio Gazzotti and Gigi Marcucci and finally the former magistrates Giuliano Turone, Claudio Nunziata and Leonardo Grassi who will be heard on the investigation on the Italicus massacre and also on “as to their direct and personal knowledge of obstacles, misdirection, deviations – we read in the order of the Court reported by theAnsa – who over the years have hindered their work as magistrates committed to the issues of the trial or related issues “. It will be really interesting to listen to them.

As regards Vinciguerra, however, the Court wants to “verify the willingness of the witness to say what he has expressly declared he does not want to report, despite the extent of the circumstances on which he testified in this and other trials”, passage of ordinance that may suggest a pressing invitation addressed to Vinciguerra to name names: a choice that the former ordinovista has always legitimately refused, having given, we recall, a very high contribution to the understanding of the phenomenon of neo-fascism and the complicity of the state.

By the 28th everything should be closed and, at that point, time will have to be tightened: April, in fact, is a sort of ‘natural’ deadline for the trial because the President of the Court Francesco Maria Caruso will go in pension, a term that may give rise to some concern in Victims’ associations who look with hope at the outcome of the Bolognese judicial process. Normally a proceeding starts all over again if the President of the Court is to be replaced, respecting the principle that the judging panel is the one that admitted the evidence. Given the nature of this process this will not be the case even if the times, if there were to be a replacement, would necessarily lengthen: hypothesis that will not occur. In the circles of the Bolognese court, everyone takes for granted that President Caruso will want to sign the sentence before his discharge.

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