“Mass grave with 500 people with tied hands and bullet in the head”: the complaint of the archbishop of Kiev

A mass grave in which they were found 500 people with his hands tied and with a bullet in the head. He was denounced by the archbishop of Kiev Sviatoslav Shevchukin video connection with the national convention for the pastoral care of health of the CEI, a Cagliari. “They were murdered in a cruel way, in the same way as in Stalin’s day they murdered innocent people and put them in mass graves,” Shevchuk pointed out during the link.

The high prelate said that during the assault on Kiev by Russian troops he did not think he would “be able to survive because the capital was almost surrounded in three days. The Ukrainian army was able to stop the Russian tanks 50 kilometers from our cathedral ”. Shevchuk defined the 78 days of war in Ukraine as “78 days of tears, rivers of blood flowing on Ukrainian soil”. Then retracing his pastoral visits to the diocese, now “similar to a desert”, he spoke of a “city in grave destruction such as that of Chernihiv where neighborhoods were razed and the discovery of mass graves more and more frequent “.

The archbishop recalled that there are 12 million refugees, and 5 million are already out of Ukraine, but there are also thousands of people who need to be treated after the wounds caused by the war, they have to undergo lengthy treatment and rehabilitation ”. Hence the appeal to the bishops: “Now in Ukraine there is no possibility of helping everyone, so if there is any program to make prosthetics for war-wounded children, let us know, because in this way you will make these poor innocents truly happy”.

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