Mass Effect: Amazon wants to adapt the video game to a live series

Amazon could again find itself on a big project of series with an adaptation of the famous video game franchise “Mass Effect”. The streaming platform wants to follow Netflix more than ever.

Mass Effect : a masterpiece of video games

Halo, Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic, Gears of War… The 2000s saw the passing of a large number of video games and SF / Space opera licenses. who have marked the video game world. But in 2007, the Canadian developer BioWare (already responsible for masterpieces such as Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic) comes out a real nugget that upsets everything in its path. Her name : Mass Effect.

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Thus, the game inspired by the saga Star Wars pleases by its abundant universe in which cross different species that inhabit the galaxy. Both RPG and third-person shooter, Mass Effect impresses players with storyline and cutscenes which have absolutely nothing to envy to the greatest blockbusters.

Mass Effect 3 ©BioWare

From then on, a franchise will be born. Indeed, Mass Effect today has a trilogy, a sequel to this trilogy, two spin-offs, novels, comics, an animated film (Mass Effect: Lost Paragon), various derivative products and an iconic character from the license: the inevitable Commander Shepard who is the charismatic hero of the first three games.

The critical and commercial success of this franchise had already caught the eye of Hollywood studios in the early 2010s. Indeed, a film based on the universe of Mass Effect was being planned through Legendary Pictures which was to collaborate with BioWare. However, the film fell through. Recently, it’s Henry Cavill, star of Man of Steel and The Witcher, who made fans of the saga scream by hinting that he was currently working on a secret project Mass Effect. Now, it is Amazon which in turn is launching the arms race for this license with a live series project.

An ambitious new project for Amazon

In its attempt to compete with Netflix and Disney +, Amazon has multiplied the huge projects in recent years. So between The Boys which has been a hit for two years on the platform, the series The Lord of the Rings which is highly anticipated and the current launch of its new bomb The Wheel of Time (adaptation of the famous series of homonymous heroic fantasy novels), the platform is pursuing its strategy of attracting even more subscribers from all walks of life. And a video game franchise as powerful as Mass Effect could help him greatly.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios would in any case be on the verge of concluding an extraordinary agreement with EA, the publisher which houses Mass Effect. According to current Amazon Studios director Jennifer Salke, things are going well in this area. And the platform is not ready to stop :

You will see us continue to invest in the fantastic genre of all kinds. We have a field team that is totally focused on this area, as well as studios that work tirelessly with our creative partners. You can expect more.

It is true that, despite widely divided criticism, the first episode of The Wheel of Time was a success. It is therefore logical to continue to capitalize on this kind of work. A series Mass Effect could also naturally succeed the SF series The Expanse , including the sixth and final season will air on Amazon from December 10.

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Are video game adaptations ready to flood the market?

Always attentive to Netflix projects, we can not doubt that a series project Mass Effect was also motivated by what is being done in the competition camp. Namely the series Castlevania, but also Arcane, the animated series from the world of the video game franchise League of Legends. The latter not only achieved great success on the platform, but she also landed a season 2. Amazon therefore probably wants the same purpose for Mass Effect. Especially since the platform has also expressed the wish to adapt another legendary SF video game franchise: Fallout.

Jeff Bezos’ baby, however, is not alone in wanting to tackle video games. Indeed, the next video game adaptations are likely to hit hard on the various VOD platforms as well as on television. So in addition to a season 2 ofArcane and a future series Splinter Cell on Netflix, Amazon will be dealing with The Last of Us, scheduled for HBO, and Halo on Paramount +. It should also be remembered that adaptations ofUncharted, Borderlands and Ghost of Tsuhima are also expected in the large rooms. Finally, remember that Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is currently in theaters. More than ever, the video game world is making a comeback on the big and small screens.

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