Masks, on flights to and from Italy recommended even after May 16: here are the guidelines

From May 16 it will be necessary to wear the mask on the plane if you are leaving from Italy, in compliance with the ordinance that provides for the obligation to wear it on means of transport and airplanes until June 15. The new guidelines say so Ecdc-Aesa (European Aviation Safety Agency): “If the states of departure or destination require the use of masks in public transport, aircraft operators should request to passengers and crew of wear a mask even after 16/5“.

And in the other cases, that is, in the States where the use of the mask on means of transport is not required? “From May 16, aeronautical and airport operators”, reads the new guidelines, “should continue to encourage passengers and crew members, as part of their pre-flight and during-journey communications and through signage and announcements, to wearing a mask during the flight as well as at the airport as a way to protect oneself and others ”. The communication stresses that practitioners should recommend the Ffp2 to people who are most exposed to Covid-19 (i.e. fragile subjects). Additionally, people with respiratory symptoms (coughing or sneezing) are recommended to wear a mask regardless of the requirements for that particular flight. The masks surgicalit is noted in the Ecdc-Aesa guidelines, “they should be considered minimum standard to use, unless more stringent requirements are still imposed by the public health authorities ”. Children aged five and younger and people who cannot wear a face mask due to medical reasons, the document reads, “should be exempt.”


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