Marvel was scared of Chris Hemsworth, Thor, dying

Marvel treats its stars like talismans, always looking at the risks of projects that the studio’s stars take on the set of films.

One of the most recent cases of accident was with Letitia Wright during the recording of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Black Panther 2), making the studio pay more attention.

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However, a recent production by Chris Hemsworth, the star of the Thor franchise, has drawn much attention from Marvel.

During a recent interview, the actor confirmed that Marvel had intervened in the production of the reality show Limitless, after seeing that Hemsworth ended up with an ankle injury (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

“Great, we’ll do that before I shoot Thor.” Anyway, I started training, I broke my ankle, and Marvel stepped in and said, “No. The show can kill you, you can do it after our movie,” he said.

Actor is one of the most important of Marvel

Chris Hemsworth is one of Marvel’s most important stars, and the studio’s concern with the adventures in Limitless is understandable.

Thor is the only original Avengers left in the MCU, and leads his own saga spanning four films.

Furthermore, the fourth film already seems to set up the fifth, with the credits stating that Thor will return at some point in the MCU.

However, Marvel has not announced any other film in the saga of the Norse god, leaving only a few speculations to be released on social networks.

Hemsworth, moreover, filmed Extraction 2 for Netflix, an action film that requires great effort from the actor’s physical size.

On the new Disney+ show, Limitless, Hemsworth ventured out into the world, being at his physical peak, and even risking his life.

Limitless premieres on November 16 on disney+🇧🇷

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