Marvel Wants Fans to Choose Heroes for New X-Men Team

Marvel is asking fans for help in choosing a new team of X-Men. A poll is open on the publisher’s website, with votes due to be submitted through January 13, according to Comic Book Resources.

Marvel’s idea is to give fans control of which lineup of the X-Men they want to see. The most voted heroes will be in the new X-Men team.

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Results will be announced in June. They will have a direct impact on the X-Men comics.

It’s not today that comic book publishers ask for the opinions of fans to make some decisions. A few decades ago, for example, DC opened a vote to determine whether Jason Todd, the new Robin, should be killed, with most readers choosing the character’s brutal murder.

The most expendable mutant becomes the most powerful of the X-Men in the comics

A mutant once considered expendable has become very powerful among the X-Men. The character in question is Cipher.

For a long time, Cipher’s powers were considered useless, in terms of what the mutant can do on the battlefield.

Cipher is a hyper-linguist, meaning he is capable of mastering any language, whether spoken or written, human or extraterrestrial.

Obviously, having an understanding of any language might not help much in some situations, but in recent years, Cipher has become a very important mutant among the X-Men. This is exemplified in Inferno #4, but the truth is that it is an evolution that has been going on for some time.

Ever since the X-Men started an organized nation, Cifra has played an essential role as a communicator, helping to resolve conflicts that would otherwise be far more complicated to handle.

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With Cipher’s power growing among mutants, he’s been increasingly prominent among the X-Men, which is curious considering how underrated he was once upon a time.

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