Marvel Studios: This Is What The Avengers Almost Looked Like

Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye and Thor. These names are well known to fans of the Marvel Universe since they are those of the original six Avengers. Today, the team has changed a lot, between departures, tragic deaths, and the arrival of new members, and it is doomed to change further in the phases to come. It’s the same in the comics, where there isn’t a single Avengers team, but several with lineup that change every time. Moreover, even in the cinema, the list of characters that constitutes it almost was different from the one we know today.

The original six Avengers – Credit (s): Marvel

Screen Rant reports that at one time solo films in the Marvel Universe had to carry on the heroes Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, The Cloak and the Sword, Power 4 and Shang-Chi. Once released in theaters, all of these projects would have resulted in an Avengers movie with all of the characters. Doctor Strange would have in a way played the role of Iron Man, since the Sorcerer Supreme would have opened the ball, and would have mainly served as a link between the various films of this phase 1. Apart from Power 4, all the protagonists mentioned above ended up being adapted for the cinema, or in series in the case of The Cape and the Sword which you can discover in Cloak and Dagger on Disney +.

The Avengers, a team doomed to change


Interestingly, some heroes have always been a part of Marvel Studios’ plans, like Ant-Man, Captain America, Shang-Chi or even Black Panther. As for Nick Fury, he may not have had the right to a solo movie, but he still played a major role in the early stages. It will also be at the center of a new series, Secret Invasion, which is scheduled for release on Disney + this year.

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