Marvel Studios: Michael Keaton confirms his return to the MCU, in which movies could he appear?

Michael Keaton is apparently fond of the world of superheroes. While he is expected on the side of the DCEU to slip back into the Batman costume for the film The Flash, the American actor will also be found in the MCU. The 70-year-old comedian also confirmed the information during an appearance during the Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, that’s not all since Michael Keaton has also revealed that he was currently filming a project related to the Vulture. What to wonder in which films the supervillain introduced in Spider-Man : Homecoming might appear.

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According to some sources, the actor is actually referring to his role in Morbius. The trailers unveiled have indeed formalized the return of the Vulture on the big screen. Therefore, it could be the reshoots related to the vampiric blockbuster worn by Jared Leto. Another possibility would be that Michael Keaton is currently busy on the set of Spider-Man : No Way Home for appearance in a post-generic sequence. This would found a surprising turnaround after the arrival of the Sinister Six in the film.

The Vulture faces Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. – Credit (s): Sony

Finally, a last possibility would be that he shoots a film related to Kraven the Hunter. The latter could indeed prepare his revenge against Peter Parker alongside this antagonist to whom Aaron Taylor-Johnson will soon lend his features. The output of Spider-Man : No Way Home, on December 15, 2021, should already shed some light on the future role of the Vulture in the MCU and the SonyVerse. We can’t wait to find out!

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