Marvel shows why only one Hulk can exist

The Hulk seems doomed to the fate that he is too powerful to simply exist. In an alternate universe story, Marvel showed why just one Hulk is enough for the universe to handle (via Comic Book Resources).

What If?: World War Hulk revealed one of the most powerful incarnations of the Hulk in the multiverse. History also confirmed that the Hulk is always doomed to become a force of destruction, regardless of the reality he calls home.

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On Earth-10223, an explosion defeated the Hulk. But the energy spill also killed all nearby heroes, destroying most of New York City from this reality.

The few remaining heroes and villains led a resistance movement against alien invaders, eventually recruiting Bruce Banner, New York’s only survivor. With the help of the Hulk, Earth’s defenders fought the invaders.

However, when another explosion happened, only the Hulk survived.

Hulk is doomed to solitude like a machine of destruction

Enraged, the Hulk demanded that the Silver Surfer bring Galactus to Earth, leading to the end of this invader-controlled world. Still alive after all this, the Hulk became the last human in existence.

Seeing the power within him, Galactus turned the Hulk into his new herald, naming him the true Destroyer of Worlds.

It is a genuinely tragic fate for the Hulk, even as it allows him to turn his rage into cosmic order. Despite its best efforts, the Hulk is just a universal-scale destruction machine, so just one Emerald Giant is enough for the Marvel Universe to handle.

On MCU, the Hulk is played by Mark Ruffalo, who returns to the role in the series The Woman-Hulk. Launch takes place on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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