Marvel reveals that MCU heroine is faster than Quicksilver

Quicksilver is typically considered the fastest hero in the Avengers. Having already appeared in theaters in both X-Men (Days of Future Past and Apocalypse), the character has not been surpassed in speed in the movies. But in the comics, Marvel showed that a heroine – who is also in the MCU – can be faster than him.

Mercury’s speed also comes with a major drawback – it’s always “on”, meaning he perceives the world around him as effectively going in slow motion.

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This explains much of Mercury’s famously brusque attitude, as the speedster hero is constantly waiting for his friends and allies to keep up with his thinking and speech.

The only person who is generally spared from Quicksilver’s verbal wrath is his sister, the Scarlet Witch, who – due to her traumatic childhood – Pietro values ​​above everyone else, to the point where he forces her to change reality to save her own life. iconic Dynasty M.

In What If? Avengers Disassembled, by Jeff Parker and Aaron Lopresti, things are a little different.

In that different timeline, it’s actually Captain America asking the Scarlet Witch to destroy the Avengers and help him turn reality into a utopia (a mission the comic explicitly confirms would have worked).

Unfortunately for Wanda and Steve, the Avengers’ investigation into Scarlet Witch’s reality tampering reveals her plan. It is precisely Mercury who reveals what he knows, exposing the plan of the Scarlet Witch and Captain America.

However, he only does so because Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (but still Ms. Marvel in this comic), is able to chase him.

Captain Marvel can surpass Quicksilver’s speed

Carol notes that she can only travel at such incredible speed for a short amount of time, but she is also shown to be able to outrun Quicksilver as she catches up with him despite him starting to run first.

Given that Pietro is on the run to protect Wanda, it’s hard to imagine he isn’t using his top speed.

As a cosmic hero whose missions often take her into space, it makes sense that Captain Marvel would be able to achieve insane speed, as she needs to traverse the vast distances between planets to be effective.

However, few fans knew that she could chase Mercury in such a short distance.

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