Marvel Reveals First Image of New Trans Superheroine; Check out!

THE marvel comics announced the release of the next issue of the comic book series ‘Marvel Voices: Pride‘, which will introduce a trans character to the canon.

The stamp was created especially to highlight LGBTQ+ characters and the first issue will hit stores in June 22 this year.

The premiere will feature a transgender mutant named Escapade, and her story will be told in a 20-page adventure written by the author. Charlie Jane Andersillustrated by Ro Stein and Ted Brandtand colored by Tamra Bonvillain.

Also known as Shela Sexton, Escapade has the ability to instantly switch places with another person, or swap any specific physical or abstract attributes such as possessions, social status, abilities, superhuman powers, and even situations.

However, she is only able to maintain the power exchange for a few hours each attempt and needs to be within two meters of her target, and the more complex the situation, the greater the chance of causing an accident.

Fortunately, she enlists the help of an invaluable partner and her best friend, Morgan Red, a tech-savvy genius with an arsenal of high-tech tools and gadgets. Together, Escapade and Morgan reach the Universe Marvel as professional thieves, stealing from criminal and corrupt organizations… Until an encounter with Emma Frost and Destiny changes the course of Escapade’s life forever.

In an interview with the official website of marvel, Anders commented on the importance of the character:

“I love the Universe Marvel as long as I can remember, and I hope that ‘escape’ and Morgan Red inspire trans and non-binary people everywhere to believe that they too can fight for justice with the power of creativity and the support of the family of their choice.”

Brandt explained that:

“Now more than ever we need a hero like Shela Sexton for people to look up to. It was a true honor and privilege to be a part of her creation process!”

“It’s very exciting to be a part of creating a new character for Marvel comics,” he added. Stein. “Working on Charlie Jane’s script was a lot of fun, and I hope people enjoy reading about ‘escape’ as much as we enjoyed putting together your first release on the page.”

In the North American fall, ‘escape’ will also be part of an unprecedented history of the ‘New Mutants’also written by Anders.

Check out the cover of the first issue of ‘Marvel Voices: Pride’:

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