Marvel: Here’s What Galactus Looks Like Without His Helmet

Galactus is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe. In many ways, even literally. The character is also known as the “Eater of Worlds”.

The nickname is not for nothing: the character needs to feed on entire planets to stay alive. It’s a matter of survival.

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However, Galactus wasn’t always like this. Before his big transformation, the character was a member of an alien race that only had the appearance of an ordinary man.

His face was even shown in Thor #169, a classic comic book from Marvel Comics.

Check out below an image with the true appearance of Galactus, Marvel’s villain.

Galactus’ Connection to Eternals in Marvel

After the release of the Eternals trailer, some came to the conclusion that the footage showed Galactus’ debut in the MCU. This is not the case, because the character shown is just a Celestial and Galactus is not of that species, but there is still a connection between them (via Screen Rant).

In a 1969 Thor comic, Galactus told the God of Thunder his origin story. According to Galactus, whose real name is Galan, he hails from a forgotten utopian planet called Taa.

After most of its inhabitants died of a disease known as the Crawling Plague, Galan and the other survivors boarded a spaceship and charted a course for a massive star, basically to commit suicide in the most extraordinary way they could imagine.

All of them died, except for Galan, who was slowly transformed by the radiation into Galactus. As a result of the process he went through, Galactus found he needed to keep absorbing energy in order to survive.

Years later, Marvel Comics established that Galactus’ birth took place before the rebirth of the multiverse, an event that was actually caused by the activities of the Celestials. Galactus was apparently created to help maintain the balance that was previously disrupted by the Celestials.

It has been stated that Galactus’ power level is comparable to that of the Celestials. As is their case, there are only a small number of entities in the multiverse that surpass Galactus in terms of sheer power.

That said, the natures of these characters are completely different. The Celestials create life, while Galactus’ purpose is to destroy it.

None of them are fundamentally good or bad, but they are essential to preserve balance. Not having a being like Galactus to prevent overpopulation is what resulted in the destruction of the multiverse in the first place.

Still, while Galactus isn’t one of the Celestials, it’s entirely possible that his origin is altered in the MCU so that he’s addressed as part of that species. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, as the character is not yet confirmed to appear in the shared universe.

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