Marvel boss backs actor as new Ghost Rider

During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, revealed that he supports the idea of ​​Ryan Gosling being cast as Ghost Rider.

The actor has shown interest in the role recently, as it is one of his favorite comic book characters.

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“If Ryan wants to be Ghost Rider… I think Ryan is amazing. I would love to find him a place in the MCU.”

“Ryan dresses like Ken in Venice Beach and gets more attention than any other big movie that will come out.”

Iconic comic book character

In cinema, Nicolas Cage has already played the Ghost Rider, but with a distant approach to the comic book character.

Ghost Rider is one of the main anti-heroes in Marvel comics, with rumors that he could get a series on Disney+.

Ryan Gosling is now in The Hidden Agent, which is available on Netflix.

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