Martina’s "Big Brother" was attacked in the middle of a note: "You are a…"

Since Martina entered the house of Big Brother”the controversies began to arise. On social networks, they denounced her for mistreating her students and different parents published the experiences that their children lived with the young woman. Nonetheless, The participant’s mother came out to defend her and deny all the accusations her daughter was receiving.

Look at the video in which they insult Martina from “Big Brother” in full note!

Apparently the testimony was not enough since That was one of the reasons why it lasted a short time on the Santiago del Moro reality show. Although the physical education teacher was only two weeks inside the most famous house in the country, she achieved her fame since she was present on different television channels.

Likewise, when it seemed that the complaints and accusations had calmed down, the viewers again lashed out at Martina de “Big Brother”. While the former participant was giving a note to “Intruders” and explaining what was the reason for his elimination, he received a surprising insult.

A cyclist passed close to the young woman and yelled at her: “You are an abuser”. That’s when the teacher added: “Look at the woman, they still don’t understand”. On several occasions, the former member of the reality show explained that there are no complaints made against her, but that they are simple messages on social networks.

Martina de ' <a href=Big Brother’ with his friends, Nacho and Juan.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src =”” title=”Martina from ‘Big Brother’ with her friends, Nacho and John.” vspace=”5″>
Martina from “Big Brother” with her friends, Nacho and Juan.

In the meantime, the participants of ” Big Brother” they nominated again and it was known who were left on the plate. Also, are looking forward to the start of the world cup as some will have the advantage of being able to see it live.

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