Martina’s "Big Brother 2022"recalled the harassment he suffered: "We lined up because…"

Martina Stewart was the second eliminated fromBig Brother 2022″ and after her brief stint on the reality show, she has remained active on her social networks. On another plane, outside the program, she was accused of child abuse. Furthermore, she earned the public’s hatred when she said that she gave him I disgust bisexuality. The former little sister talked about the harassment situation that occurred between Alfa and Coti, besides that he counted the reprehensible moments that he lived when I was a teenager.

“I personally never went through a situation like what happened last night. Torah or the girls of the house that will be in their hands to tell it because it seems to me something personal”started by saying Martina from ” Big Brother” in an interview with “Miter Live”. Furthermore, he stated that bullying is normalized in society: “What I do share and that surely some girl who will be watching will have gone through the same thing”.

Later, she delved further into the case and recounted the uncomfortable moments that she had to live because she was a woman. Thank God not today anymore but when I was younger and I went to a matinee, I’m talking about 14, 15 and 16, we went to a matinee and We would line up because if they didn’t they would touch your ass…that’s bullying too”, he narrowed.

Martina Stewart in her presentation for “Big Brother 2022”

Also, Martina from ” Big Brother” He stated that nowadays he no longer tolerates bullying situations. “Today someone does that to me, I turn around and hit him with a pineapplebefore it was normalized and it was super bad, they don’t have to touch you, like before we saw it differently but it wasn’t normal, I don’t wear a scarf or anything, I’m not from any party, it’s reality “added the young woman from Tigre.

It seems that outside the property of Big Brother 2022″the ex-participants get along better than inside, since Juan Reverdito took Mora Jabornisky in the taxi he drives and they even recorded a funny video. “Che, I didn’t know that the taxi drivers now come so cheeky”the missionary is heard saying at the beginning of the video. “Look who’s there”he added between laughs as he focused on the driver, making it clear that they keep a good vibes even though they have left the program. For a second, the taxi driver looked at the camera and said: “Let’s both go for a rematch huh, let’s go back in”.


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