Martina Scialdone – “He already had the gun at dinner, he aimed at the chest”: this is how the prosecutor charges Bonaiuti with the premeditated murder

For the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office Costantino Bonaiuti organized and premeditated the murder of Martina Big pot, the 34-year-old lawyer killed on Friday evening in viale Amelia, not far from the Brado restaurant where the 61-year-old engineer and ENAV trade unionist and the victim had dined shortly before. The investigators start from an assumption: Bonaiuti showed up at the club already with the gun in his pocket. It is the 45 caliber with which you killed Martina Scialdone shortly after, shooting her “from close range, after aiming at the Chest“. In short, a point-blank shot in the chest that testifies to the will to kill. So writes the Capitoline prosecutor’s office, reports Republicin the request for validation of the arrest: today, Monday 16 January, the hearing before the investigating judge is scheduled.

Therefore, Bonaiuti is also charged with the crime of premeditation: thanks to his license on the license to carry firearms for sporting use, he entered the club already with the pistol in his pocket. A point, that of the possession of weapons, on which many ask to reflect, starting with the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. Among the accusations made by the prosecutors of Piazzale Clodio, in addition to aggravated voluntary homicide, there are also the abject reasons And futile and to have acted against a person to whom the man was romantically linked.

The Prosecutor recalls that the dinner on Friday evening had been planned by the 61-year-old, who did not accept the end of the relationship with Martina Scialdone. There was an argument between the tables, then the lawyer’s escape to the bathroom and Bonaiuti who, according to the reconstructions, moved away from the restaurant. But then the new meeting outside the club, in the street: around half past eleven the woman collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the dehors where she had just had a drink, only to die shortly after in the arms of her brother Lorenzo. To clarify various doubts, also on the attitude of customers, owners and employees of the restaurant, will be the examination of Images of the cameras internal and outside the club, which the investigators are examining to clarify the picture of the story, which ended with the arrest of Bonaiuti: after killing Martina Scialdone, the 61-year-old escaped by car and was blocked at his home, in the neighborhood of Fidenae.

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