Martin Scorsese rediscovered great cinema in Todd Field’s TAR with Cate Blanchett

During the delivery of a prestigious award to TAR, Todd Field’s film with Cate Blanchett, Martin Scorsese praised his colleague’s work.

Among the many stars present at the New York Film Critics Circle, TAR it was certainly one of the brightest. The movie of Todd Field garnered critical acclaim on the spot, garnering a major homage from Martin Scorsese.

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Rome 2018: Martin Scorsese on the red carpet

Among the film’s accolades, including the Best Actress award for its leading lady Cate Blanchett, the highlight of the night, as reported by IndieWire was the one connected to Martin Scorsese’s delivery of the Best Picture award to TAR.
The director praised the feature film: “For so long now, many of us have been seeing movies that are basically about the future. I mean, they take us by the hand, and even though it’s creepy at times, they comfort us, somehow, along the way, suggesting everything will work out in the end.” well Now such a dynamic can be insidious, as one can become lulled and eventually accustomed to the idea, leading those of us who have experimented with cinema in the past to despair of the future of this art form, especially for the younger generation”.

With TAR, however, the situation seems to be quite different according to Scorsese: “But it was on dark days that the clouds cleared when I saw Todd’s film, TAR.” In praising the film, the famous director focused on the way in which Field characterized the protagonist and on the communicative potential of his approach to the story and what he transmits to the spectators: “Make sure[Todd] that we exist in his head. We experience only through the perception of him. The world is her. Time, chronology and space become the music she lives with. And we don’t know where the movie is going. We simply follow the character on his strange and shocking way to the final destination. Now, what you have done, Todd, is a truly top-notch act, as this is all conveyed through masterful staging. […]”

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We remind you that TAR will be available in Italy from February 9th.

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