Martin Scorsese is preparing a new film for Apple

Seeing a Martin Scorsese movie back in theaters is a situation we’re not about to relive anytime soon. After “The Irishman” broadcast on Netflix and soon “Killers of the Flower Moon” expected on Apple TV +, the legendary director will collaborate once again with the Apple brand for his next project.

Martin Scorsese persists on the small screen

In a time when some Hollywood greats refuse to give in to the calls of SVOD platforms to display honorable loyalty to theaters, others have already taken the plunge by spinning on the small screen. Different reasons can explain it and there is no question of judging the positioning of one or the other. At any rate, renowned director Martin Scorsese has chosen his camp for some time. While no one seemed able to accompany him on his fresco The Irishman, he found the freedom he craved at Netflix.

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The main thing, for the public, is to see that the person concerned continues to offer us new things, even if we can understand the frustration of those who wanted to enjoy it on the big screen. They will inevitably also be disappointed to see his ambitious and promising Killers of the Flower Moon exit directly to Apple TV +. We will have to get used to consuming Martin Scorsese in our living rooms because his next project will also be done in partnership with the apple brand.

A biopic on Grateful Dead in preparation

The Hollywood Reporter announces that the director will direct a feature film about the Grateful Dead music group, with Apple in production and, therefore, a release on the firm’s platform. The other major information to note is that Jonah Hill will play Jerry Garcia, the frontman of the group. A new collaboration for the two men, who have already worked together on The wolf of Wall Street. In the script of this biopic, we find Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The main members of Grateful Dead still alive will be involved as a producer. Leader Jerry Garcia’s daughter will also be involved.

Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) – The wolf of Wall Street ©Universal Pictures

Grateful Dead is a band founded in the mid-60s. They have built their reputation by working in the psychedelic movement, while having various influences. It has the particularity to play with two drummers, which brings even more possibilities in the construction of songs. We do not know exactly how the biopic will position itself but we imagine a scenario that will trace the emergence of the group until its dissolution in 1995, the year of Jerry Garcia’s disappearance. This project is a logical continuation for Martin Scorsese, who had already positioned himself as a producer at the time of the documentary. Long Strange Trip.

The director remains, for the time being, occupied by Killers of the Flower Moon, which will certainly be released next year. Filming for his next project will likely begin in 2022, with a likely release in 2023.

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