Martín Pepa, former participant of "Big Brother"made a worrying request: "take care of…"

In the last hours, the former participant of Big Brother” 2011, martin pepamade a strong request regarding the care of the competitors of “Big Brother 2022” after seeing how Alfa claimed to want to leave the competition.

In the middle of the strong confrontation who kept Walter “Alpha” Santiago Y Juan Reverdito throughout the week, the 60-year-old little brother was sanctioned with the automatic nomination after harassing Coti with a reprehensible sexual gesture in the room.

Despite the fact that his greatest rival was ejected during the Elimination Gala on SundayWalter did not stop being questioned by Lucilla Y Nacho for the gesture he had with his partner. For this reason, Alphavery distressed, he expressed the desire he had to leave the house of his own free will.

While the older participant’s decision was made public, martin pepa expressed himself through social networks with a Precise request to the production of the Telefe reality show. “Take care of the GH participants”, began by saying the contestant who reached fourth place in the 2011 edition, in which the winner was Christian U.

Martin Pepa and Cristian U in the final of ' <a href=Big Brother’ 2011.” data-height=”450″ ​​data-width=”800″ data-size=”w:800,h:450″ hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ title=”Martin Pepa and Cristian U in the final of ‘Big Brother’ 2011.” src=”” width =”800″ height=”450″>
Martin Pepa and Cristian U in the final of “Big Brother” 2011.

“It is the only thing I ask from my humble participation. Because they only take care of the finalists and for the rest everything that happens is very brave”assured the young man, who is remembered by the public after having procured 15 kilos of lettuce in a weekly purchase.

Tweet by Martín Pepa, former participant of “Big Brother” in 2011.

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