Martín Liberman: the story behind the birth of his son Blas

How Martin Liberman became a father? The 45-year-old Argentine journalist and his ex-wife Marcela Greco went through an odyssey to become parents, something they both longed for and were not given despite countless medical efforts. However, they managed to do so and welcomed Blas, their only son, with love. For this reason, the sportscaster was excited at the last gala of “The 8 steps of the million”, supporting a contestant who is also in his shoes, looking for a way to bring a baby into the world.

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The famous presenter is part of the jury of the Program that drives Guido the Duck and was excited to learn of the story of Walter, who said that he seeks to win the award to perform fertilizaciones in vitro and become a father with his couple.

“I want to tell Walter that for me he has the noblest cause on the show. I am a father for having had the money to face in vitro fertilization, which is such a great injustice ”, He said television host, one of the most influential in the region.

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Immediately, he began to tell a little about what his path was, together with Greco, to bring Blas liberman to the world. “I have undergone dozens of in vitro fertilizations so I share, I understand, I was moved and it seems unfair because there is no nobler cause than bringing a child into the world, and it is the greatest thing there is and it is incredible that the one who can be a father he has money and the one who does not have money cannot be. “, stated in the aforementioned show.

Martín Liberman as a television host. (Video: Fox Sports)


Martin Liberman and his now ex-wife Marcela Greco underwent a series of medical procedures to become Blas’s parents. The journalist was diagnosed azoospermia, for lack of sperm, and it seemed that his dreams of fatherhood would not be possible.

Liberman had surgery, but then the doctors told him that his wife had few eggs, it was “low responder”. For several months, they did a series of pill treatments, injections, until they came to consult with the doctor Sergio Pasqualini.

The seventh insemination It was the last they were going to do, exhausted by so much effort and expense. Greco agreed to make the final attempt and, on September 29, 2008, when the commentator was replacing his stolen cell phone, he was informed that his wife was pregnant and, without enduring crying, the journalist went home to celebrate the most anticipated goal of your life.


Martin Liberman He dedicated a few words to the Peruvian journalist Pierre Manrique, who died on November 9, highlighting his career in the world of sports.

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I do not get out of my astonishment and sadness invades me over the death of my dear colleague Pierre Manrique in Peru. Attentive, cordial, friendly, educated, researcher, great producer and journalist. RIP Pierre dear. You left too early but you left your mark. My sincere condolences”, He wrote through his Twitter account.

As it is remembered, Pierre Manrique studied at the Superior School of Sports Journalism of the Circle of Sports Journalists of Buenos Aires. For this reason, colleagues from that country know him and remember him with great affection.


Cristiano Ronaldo has admirers all over the world. But undoubtedly one of the most effusive fans is the Argentine journalist Martin Liberman, who once again emphasized his preference for the Portuguese, over Lionel Messi.

“For me the number 1 in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. I am an outsider, I admit it “, answered Martin Liberman with a lot of impetus, to a colleague from the program Agenda Fox Sports, who was leaning towards his compatriot.

TROME |  Magaly Medina on an interview with Martín Liberman in Al Ángulo (Magaly TV)
TROME | Magaly Medina on an interview with Martín Liberman in Al Ángulo (Magaly TV)

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