Martin Jensen put Emma in a difficult situation: ‘It was not exactly what we had planned’

This year’s second ‘X Factor’ audition suddenly took an unexpected turn.

25-year-old Emma Lillelund stepped in front of the judges, sang her song and got three yeses, but before she was allowed to cheer with her family waiting outside the studio, she was interrupted by Martin Jensen.

It dawned on the judge that Emma’s big brother Phillip was in ‘X Factor’ last year, where he reached all the way to the last bootcamp before the final live shows.

Martin Jensen saw opportunities for success and therefore suggested to Emma that instead of performing as a soloist, she formed a group with her brother.

Emma for X Factor audition.

Emma for X Factor audition.

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“It was very overwhelming. Suddenly a lot of things happened at once. It was not exactly what we had planned, “Emma remembers today with a laugh back at the situation.

“Of course it was great that he came out to us, but I had previously thought that this year it would be my turn,” she continues.

As seen in the program, Emma was allowed to talk to her brother before she had to take a stand on Martin Jensen’s proposal.

But in reality, she was determined, she says.

‘I love singing with my brother. But from the start we had agreed that now Phillip tried it from last year and then it was my turn this year. So no, it was not a difficult decision, although it came quite unexpectedly. “

In general, however, it was a day full of nerves, says Emma.

Even though she had a good idea of ​​what to expect, based on what her brother had tried the year before, it was still a wild experience to suddenly stand in front of the ‘X Factor’ judges.

»I see ‘X Factor’ myself and have never tried to stand in front of a camera before. So it was both a strange but also super cool feeling to stand there. And the nerves disappeared when I started talking to the judges. “

The reason why Emma, ​​who lives in Copenhagen, first appeared in ‘X Factor’ this season, was due to several things.

First, her family lived in the United States for many years. So when she was a teenager, for example, it was out of the question to travel back to Denmark to join.

In addition, she has had to gather the courage to stand up, but once her brother had been involved, and she also completed her education this summer, the timing was perfect, she says.

Emma has a master’s degree in environmental and molecular biology, so if it does not turn into the big ‘X Factor’ career this time around, the alternative is already in place.

“I want to work with biology and help save the world. Now we have to see what happens, “she concludes.

How far Emma gets in ‘X Factor’ will be revealed in the coming Fridays.

Big brother Phillip when he was in the X Factor in 2021.

Big brother Phillip when he was in the X Factor in 2021.
Photo: TV2

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