Martín Fierro 2022: they accuse designers of not wanting to lend dresses for the gala

Next Sunday, May 15, the Martin Fierro 2022 at the hiton and, beyond winning a statuette, many figures have in mind what they are going to wear. The fashion is one of the main attractions of the ceremony and celebrities seek to show off in the Red carpet with their dresses and suits made by designers. But in this year, getting dressed by a couturier, for many, is a big problem.

As they warned this Tuesday in “Intruders”, most designers find their agenda collapsed and refuse to lend their designs to the famous.

There is a serious problem with clothing, because there are many figures and not many brands are willing to give and designers don’t want to lend“, indicated Paul Layus in the series of shows.

Many of those who cannot do something to measure because they are with the collection and what they have as a coat rack does not fit everyone either. there is a conflict“, said V flower about the problem.

For its part, Matilda White, gave his opinion on the outfits that are expected to be seen on the gala night. “there will be a lot of color“said the former participant of “The Hotel of the Famous” on her birthday.

Watch the video and learn more about the problems with the designers for the Martín Fierro 2022!

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