Martial art, football, handball, rugby, tennis… In Jacou, sport is not lacking in talent

Midi Libre has decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. From October 17 and until December 13, you will find insights into this abundant universe which, all sports combined, brings together a very large number of followers. Some are looking for performance, others the pleasure of moving, but all have their place! Without, however, aiming for completeness.

Martial art: young followers of qwan ki do win international titles

The qwan ki do, “the path of vital energy“, is a martial art created in 1981 in France by master Pham Xuân Tong. The discipline finds its origin in techniques from Chinese and Vietnamese martial arts.

Present at regional, national and international competitions, the club of Jacou Qwan Ki Do displays numerous titles of champions of France, European champions and even world champions.

Beyond its sporting performances, the atmosphere “family ” of this association testifies to a real cohesion of the office, members, teachers and parents where all are present for the life of the club.

Julien Azemard, 3rd dan black belt teacher, has an impressive track record. Multiple French champion, two titles of European champion and world championhe is passionate about his art and has developed a children’s section which he took on at the world technical championships in Italy last April.

For this first experience, Victoria Bories, 11, and Ian Dubath, 15, shone by picking up a world championship title and Louna Dastugue, 12, the one world vice-champion.

The idea is to be better than yourself

This promising new generation bodes well for the development of Jacou Qwan Ki Do.

A structure which today has about fifty members, the largest part of which is made up of children who can practice this martial art from the age of 5. “That’s how old I was when I startedsays Julien Azemard. My mom signed me up to learn how to defend myself. Qwan ki do is a very complete sport, with a very traditional aspect.

Indeed, the adept uses fists, feet, elbows, fingers… but also sweeps, projections or even self-defense as well as the stick as long as a saber. In technique or in combat, which is practiced in this case by team. “Even if we are the best in the world, in life we ​​never get by alone. Qwan ki do works the body and the mind. The idea is to be better than yourself.

Football: in the regional top 2

Virginie Gaudre has been playing football for 15 years.

Resulting from the merger of two historic clubs (US Clapiers and SC Jacou), the JCFA is now the most important club in the Hérault in terms of number of licensees (800) and the 2nd in Occitanie (1,200 clubs). “We are even going to be the first, I think, given the licenses still to be validated, welcomes President Jean-Claude Jumas. We welcome all those who want to play, without selection, with the concern for supervision”.

The JCFA wants to promote women’s practice with more than 100 licensees, from U8s to seniors. In the R2 league, the seniors shine behind Toulouse and Colomiers. And the U18s, also in the R2 league, are winners of the Fair-Play trophy. While the women’s reserve is the winner of the Maurice-Balsan challenge. Great successes for women!

Among them, Virginie Gaudre, senior goalkeeper and federal educator, was one of the first to promote the women’s football school in Jacou and to make it progress; she who has been playing football for 15 years.

Handball: women in force

Girls in N3.

Girls in N3.

“Trainer and feminine.” In two words, the president defines the JACCHB (Jacou Clapiers Le Crès Handball) which is 34 years old. With 286 members and 16 teams, the club displays good health and potential. For Romain Casaramona, the training of the youngest is a priority, in addition to the “feminine vocation” of the club.

“After the Covid, we are progressing among the youngest and in particular the under 11s and the under 13s. With around forty girls and around twenty boys”, specifies the president. If the club has been able to seduce the youngest, it is in particular thanks to its interventions in the school environment for four years.

A breeding ground for girls which should make it possible to feed the first team, which now plays in N3, the highest regional step. For a club that aims for a women’s under-18 team at national level and a women’s pennant team in the National Division. A great ambition.

Rugby: the oval is combined with the feminine

This season, the female seniors shine.

This season, the female seniors shine.

By passing the bar of 400 members this year, the Rugby-club Jacou Montpellier Nord is one of the top 5 amateur rugby clubs in Occitanie. That’s a 25% increase.

And women are not left out. It is even the will of the club to put them forward. It must be said that the RCJMN had a big boost by welcoming, in 2020, around thirty women from Saint-Jean-de-Védas.

“With the desire, in the long term, to create a real female pole”, confides the president Olivier Milles. For this, the club is launching two sections for the under 18s and the under 15s, “which will help to feed the senior team which plays in Federal 2.”

Thus, the RCJMN hopes to reach 25% of girls, twice as many as the federation. To attract young players, the club has recruited a trainer who offers rugby cycles in schools. And this season, the senior women shine by having won their three matches, including against Castres.

Tennis: two seeds of champions

The excellent course in the 8-10 year old category, by Julien Bordenave and Jules Kammas.

The excellent course in the 8-10 year old category, by Julien Bordenave and Jules Kammas.

The Tennis-club of Jacou has set up an Elite pole for more than two years now, made up of about twenty children. With 3 girls and 18 boys for 3 to 5 training sessions per week. All these young people represent the club in team competitions.

This last season was marked by the excellent career in the 8-10 year old category of Julien Bordenave and Jules Kammas, both departmental champions, Mediterranean zone champions (former Languedoc), and regional vice-champions.

These children represent the hope group of the club. “Julien and Jules are passionate and really motivated children”, testifies Thibaud Ortiz, trainer at the Tennis-club. Two boys who intend to fight sportingly to retain their title and continue in this dynamic.

To the delight of athletes

Jacou breaks records in terms of sports practices. “We have the two biggest clubs in Hérault in football and rugby”, confirms Michel Combettes, deputy mayor, delegate for sport. A finding that requires facilities accordingly.

“We have some of the most important sports structures in the metropolis”, specifies the elected official. “With, in particular, five great game grounds for football and rugby, an area for the tambourine, but also two bowling alleys. Which attracts clubs. We have a local policy of pooling sports spaces so as not to create clubs in every village.”

The municipality also emphasizes training and supervision “to allow people to flourish”. Adapted sport is also developed to leave room for disability.

Another peculiarity of Jacou, there is a municipal sports office, with only volunteers, which brings together all the clubs. “This structure makes it possible to improve relations between the different clubs” and to organize highlights such as the Foulées de Bocaud, the Master of petanque or the Sports Trophies which honor the local sportsmen of the year. .

And if the clubs are pampered in Jacou, the town hall does not forget individual sport with facilities open during the day to make sport accessible.

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