Marta Gil is confronted and responds: “To speak ill of Miguel even changes the expression on his face…”

After being present at yet another Big Brother gala, to comment on the reality show alongside Flávio Furtado, Marta Gil was confronted by a follower on the social network Instagram about her comments about Miguel Vicente.

🇧🇷In the end, he gave him all the cock, to speak ill of Miguel even changes the expression on his face“, could be read in the initial message, which had a first response: “Where did I say it wrong?🇧🇷

🇧🇷Where? at the gala In fact, as in all the galas where it is possible for him to ‘attack’ the boy, Marta does so. notion, it is necessary“, replied the same follower, and Marta Gil was also accused of making a “campaign” against the competitor from the Algarve: “The funny thing is that we don’t see her doing the same campaign against Miro. It should not be forgotten that Miguel has been nominated more times than Rúben, Miro and Tatiana. But your only concern is Miguel“, added another netizen.

Visibly surprised by the accusation, the Big Brother commentator returned to answer and clarify the followers in question: “But which campaign? To say that Miguel will take the cup is to campaign against it? […] If you want to attack for free, you’ll do it to the other side, Flávio and I got into a quick talk, and what I said was that Miguel is not nominated and will win the cup, what didn’t you understand? Having problems with Portuguese?“, shot Marta Gil.

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