Marta Fort underwent an aesthetic treatment: the photo

Since he came of age, Martha Fort chose Miami as a destination. just like his brother Philip Fort, who bought an apartment there, the young woman enjoys her stay in the United States and gives herself the luxuries she wants. But now, she was surprised to report a noticeable change in her physical appearance.

Through her Instagram stories, the daughter of Richard Fort He said that the shape of his nose changed. In any case, there was no surgical intervention but, like many other famous women who join this “trend”, the placement of hyaluronic acid was performed.

Along with the photos of his renewed appearance, he explained about the aesthetic treatment he carried out. “A few weeks ago I had a rhinoplasty where I was injected with hyaluronic acid, a temporary treatment without post-rest”, wrote.

Look at the photos of Marta Fort after her rhinoplasty!

Martha Fort

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