Marta ends her engagement, starts dating her ex’s teammate and gains fans on the web

Martha and Toni are no longer together. The players ended their engagement in November last year, just 11 months after they proposed. And, it seems, the engagement is a turning point in the ex-couple’s life. Both Marta and Toni started new relationships after the breakup. The information is from the newspaper “Extra”.

The two have been dating since 2019, and used to dedicate their good deeds on the field to each other. On the social networks, they archived the photos they had together, but they kept a profile for their three dogs.

Marta’s new girlfriend is Carrie Lawrence, 24 years old, and she also plays for Orlando Pride, in the position of defender, the same as Toni.

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Who is Marta’s new girlfriend?

Carrie turns 25 next month and has been playing for Orlando for two years. On social media, Marta published, on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, a photo with Carrie, as well as other famous couples. The Brazilians, of course, were running on the young woman’s profile to show their support for the couple.

“Marta scored a great goal”, “Marta’s girl is very pretty” and “Congratulations to the couple”, are some of the comments left in Portuguese on Carrie’s photos.

Marta’s ex engages in a relationship with a Brazilian

Toni has also moved on to another relationship. The American started dating a Brazilian who also worked at Orlando Pride. Eduarda Pavão is marketing specialist and former communications employee for the American football team.

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