Marta Cruz responds ‘to the letter’ to criticism: “You were more beautiful when you didn’t have swollen lips…”

After being in the news in some media and later receiving criticism of her face, Marta Cruz decided to react through her Instagram account. In the Stories of her page, the daughter of the former presenter, Carlos Cruz, began by clarifying that she has been using hyaluronic acid on her lips “for more than 6 years”, then leaving a response to those who have criticized her, through private messages.

“(…) Let’s clarify one thing: I’m almost 40 years old and I’ve always done what I wanted (…). The bad news is that I’ll continue to do what I feel like, The good news is that I now intend to put two tomatoes on my forehead. I’m going to look beautiful… in my eyes of course, because it will always be for me and for me!”, she wrote, ironically.

Marta Cruz also shared one of the private messages she received and then completed her reasoning: “This being a commentator on the body of others is extremely dangerous and should no longer happen these days”he considered, leaving an appeal.

“I’ve always learned that an opinion that is not asked for is not given either so let’s have more empathy for each other please”.

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