Marry Me: Jennifer Lopez’s movie with Maluma launches its trailer

Every year, the most recognized Cinema studios present their bets for the big screen with very prominent figures and great promises. It was not like that in 2020: with the pandemic of coronavirus breaking around the world, the industry suffered a tremendous blow that forced it to cancel all scheduled premieres. And to this day, tapes continue to be released that actually had their release date thought out many months ago.

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Something like that happened with Marry Me, one of the films designed to Valentine’s Day distributed by Universal Pictures that it had to postpone its premiere repeatedly. But apparently, everything is on track to hit theaters on February 11, 2022 and that is your expected final date. Because although it appears to be a typical romantic film, the truth is that its protagonists are the most attractive.

Is about Jennifer Lopez and Maluma, the Latin stars that will give life to Kat Valdez and Bastian respectively. The story will revolve around a very successful Latin pop singer who, after learning that her stage partner has cheated on her with someone else, decides to marry a stranger. How? Choosing a man who wore a sign at his concert that reads: Marry me. Check out the preview released today!

Based on the homonymous graphic novel by Bobby Crosby, Mary Me was written by John Rogers, Tami Sagher and Harper Dill, while the direction was the responsibility of Kat Koiro, who worked in comedies like Modern Family. This romantic story will complete its cast with performances by Owen Wilson, John Bradley, Sarah Silverman, Chloe Coleman, Michelle Buteau, Stephen Wallem, Jameela Jamil, Utkarsh Ambudkar y hasta Jimmy Fallon.

That’s not all: the Latin singers who travel the world and lead the digital platforms with their songs, will also release a new album that will serve as the soundtrack of the film. It is true that there are still a few days until Valentine’s Day to celebrate the official launch of the feature film, but its own protagonists can no longer wait and little by little they release more advances for their fans on social networks.

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