“Married at first sight”: what happened to Jennifer, Florentin, Bastien, Laura, Junior, Manon, Emilie and Ludwig?

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February 14, 2021 landed the fourth season of “Married at first sight”, on RTL-TVI. An edition with strong personalities, and couples who have talked a lot, a lot … Almost a year after the broadcast of the first episode, we explain what the candidates have become.

Jennifer and Florentin

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The duo had really marked the spirits, with an immediate love at first sight on the side of Florentin, not necessarily shared by Jennifer, who preferred to cut it short.

Florentin still seems single, and remains very close to the other candidates, particularly Junior, with whom he notably participated in a clip, to see here.

Jennifer, meanwhile, has found love again, as we told you a few months ago. A relationship that lasts, and in which the young woman seems to blossom. Jennifer continues to work in a beauty salon. She has just obtained a certificate in plantar reflexology. If a foot massage tells you, you know where to ring.

Bastien and Laura

The lovebirds are still in love since the end of the shooting of the show. Shortly after saying “yes” to each other, we saw them for one evening in “Seen on TV” on RTL-TVI. More recently, the young couple announced that they bought a house together. ” Our best project of 2022 is the purchase of our house, and what are we looking forward to! Laura wrote a few days ago on Instagram.

Junior and Manon

If there is one story that quickly flipped over in “Married at first sight”, it is that of Junior and Manon. Remember, the one who got married with sunglasses, had confessed to having said “yes”, without necessarily having fallen in love at first sight. The young man then made remarks against Manon which had shocked, causing a wave of hate messages against him.

Today, Junior and Manon are still friends. He continues to feed his social networks, especially his holidays in Thailand or his Christmas greetings, at the same time unveiling a tattoo in his effigy. 10/10 for the resemblance (and for the hairstyle!)

Manon, for her part, became a godmother in mid-December. A happiness shared on social networks. Like Junior, Manon seems single.

Emilie and Ludwig

They too are still in love, and do not hesitate to feed Instagram with mutual declarations of love. We could see them get involved in the last edition of Télévie (just like Bastien and Laura). A cause in which Emilie particularly wanted to participate, because she lost her mother, three years ago, to cancer. Two weeks ago, the couple enjoyed a weekend in Boulogne-Sur-Mer. The weather did not seem the most optimal (logical for the period), but love was there, isn’t that the most important?

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