Married at first sight (M6): the interior of a candidate’s apartment shocks viewers

This Monday, June 13, 2022, the program “Married at first sight” was back after a week of absence. The opportunity for viewers to discover behind the scenes of the balance sheet for two couples, namely Alicia and Bruno, and Pauline and Damien. Two couples having in common to have had a real chemistry from the beginning and to have lived together, all without false notes. To the delight of fans of the program, the two couples announced their intention to stay married while making adorable declarations of love in front of experts Pascal and Estelle.

It was then time to find Cindie and Jauffrey who, after their honeymoon, live their first moments of married couples. If the wedding and the honeymoon went well, Cindie is unfortunately becoming disillusioned because of a few missteps from her husband. At first, the pretty brunette was disappointed to see her dear and tender fall asleep in front of the film as they spent a night at her house and had just found each other after being separated for several days.

Jauffrey: the invitation that turns into a fiasco
If she decided not to say anything, she had a hard time keeping calm during the afternoon spent with her husband. The 39-year-old former lifeguard indeed wanted to invite his beauty to his new apartment… not yet operational, two months after moving in. Toilets out of order, lack of furniture, worn sheet thrown on the sofa to hide the wear, the beautician expressed her disappointment with her husband’s cocoon.

Worse still, instead of betting on a romantic outing, Jauffrey invited his wife to assemble furniture in the living room. What throw a cold and what make him a subject of criticism on social networks.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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