Married at first sight: exit Émilie, Frédérick appears close to another candidate

What if love at first sight really existed? This is what some candidates have tried to discover by agreeing to be analyzed by the experts who have found them a kindred spirit. If Alicia and Bruno seem to have definitively confirmed that this was possible, other couples of Married at first sight 6 failed to match. This is the case of Caroline and Axel who even questioned the work of the professionals.

On the side of Frédérick and Emilie, things could never have happened. In effect, young dad doesn’t state handsome brunette’s men’s style at base. Talking about his daughter was a game-changer.

A few weeks ago, photos cast doubt on their relationship. Some have asked themselves questions such as: “Why are you hiding the face of your companion, she’s not your wife, the one from the wedding? If it’s not the bride, you remind me of Yannick with Mélina. If it’s to register for the show just for sex, the show won’t take any black men and the show will demand its terms from women. […] In all ethnicities, there is good and bad. But I have a doubt of the two blacks of this show”.

Being part of the favorite duos of viewers, their actions and gestures are studied with a fine-tooth comb on their social networks. It must be said that the purpose of their relationship has not yet been revealed in broad daylight so as not to spoil the program.

Only here, a video broadcast live on Snapchat this Monday, May 9, 2022 has returned the Web. Thus, we could see a young woman showing Frédérick in the streets of Nice alongside a candidate for the show who is none other than the future wife of Jauffrey. When the person filming asked if it was indeed Cyndie, the latter simply replied: “Do you know where you can find croque-monsieur?”. This reflection refers to her lack of culinary talent which she pointed out on television. The young man outbid: “I’m going to feed him.”

These images left Internet users in awe, who said: “Does that mean they ended up together and not with their respective partners?”, “They are no longer together with Emilie?” or “Was there a remix in the couples? and “But uh, he’s not married to her, what’s this madness?. It remains to be seen what the next episodes have in store for them…


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