‘Marriage to the Blind’: what happened to the couples formed in the first edition? Know!

The second season of “Marriage Is Blind” has an official premiere date. The program, which is presented by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, arrives again with the promise of to bring to the altar people who, until then, are not known. But, before meeting the new married futures, it is worth remembering what happened to the couples formed by the first season of the reality show.

Nanda Terra and Thiago Rocha got married after some controversies from the boy. The participant’s attitude, including shocked some viewers. However, even before the reunion promoted by the program, Nanda and Thiago had already separated.

At the reunion, Nanda gave a chance to another participant who had caught her attention: Mack. In December of last year, the couple announced a pregnancy. Ben, son of Nanda and Mack, was born in May of this year. Thiago Rocha has not shown any relationship on social networks so far.

Only a couple from ‘Marriage in the Blind’ are still together

Luana Braga and Lissio Fiod won over viewers and social networks. With incredible chemistry from the moment they met, the couple not only walked down the aisle but is together to this day. On the web, the lovebirds continue to exchange passionate love messages and share moments of the couple’s daily lives with fans.

Carol and Hudson got married with the support of Klebber Toledo and Camila Queiroz. The lovebirds seemed super in love from the first moment, but, according to the profile on Instagram, it was all just a facade of the boy just to get fame. Carol, who opted for a traditional white dress at the ceremony, fell in love, but couldn’t keep the relationship for long.

Day and Rodrigo and Shayan and Ana Prado did not get married on the show and are currently single.

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